LinkFusions Digital Business Card empowers you to send your contact details in one click


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If you don't consider the above facts when marketing your business you may be leaving money on the table

Why LinkFusions Digital Business Card?

  • With LinkFusions Digital Business Card you can send your contact details instantly to anyone you want to in just in a few clicks
  • Details sent can be added directly to your contact's phone address book
  • LinkFusions highly interactive digital business card can display your company logo, video and brochure
  • Share everything from your company information to your social profiles
  • Decide which fields you want to share digitally and which you want to hide
  • Clean design that displays in any browser or smart phone!
  • Don't print another business card again - share your digital business card with unlimited leads
  • ...and more!

Digital Business Cards are the future. LinkFusion Digital Business Card makes it fast & easy!


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