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Key Differentiators

Segment Leads Based on Survey Responses

Offer customers a freebie or coupon as a thank you for casting their vote and keep them coming back for more!

Text to vote surveys are a great way to interact with your audience and grow your list. When users respond to your survey they'll automatically be added to your campaign so you can keep in touch with them again and again using LinkFusions email, text messaging, voice and more.

Also, based on their survey response you can segment leads by automating which message they get sent next!

Grow From Feedback

View and download responses in one click!

Easily view how leads and customers responded to your survey by viewing their responses and seeing the number of contacts engaged.

Gain the insights and feedback you need to quickly implement new strategies to cater to your customers, raise client satisfaction, and take your business to new heights of success.

Get Creative With Polling Prospects

Surveys are one of the best ways to interact with your audience, and literally take a few minutes to set up and send out in LinkFusions.

By setting up a simple multiple choice survey you can poll prospects about what their favorite product is or the service they'd love to see go on offer.

Offering them a voucher for submitting their vote or opinion helps you collect insightful data for your next marketing campaign and gives them an incentive to return!

Go Beyond Surveys

Market research is just the beginning...

LinkFusions enables you to use text messaging, picture messaging, automated voice calling, email marketing automation and more to connect with new leads and follow up with past and current clients.

So, why just stop at surveys...when you now have the power in your hands to reach out to more customers more quickly using multiple communication channels!


Top Features

  • With LinkFusions Survey software know exactly what your customers want - excellent for gaining valuable insights and doing market research
  • LinkFusions survey marketing allows you to create highly interactive surveys to connect with prospects
  • Customize surveys based on customer responses
  • Place leads in appropriate marketing funnels
  • Drive customer engagement by running contests and introducing new products and services
  • Excellent for getting customer feedback!
  • ...and more!

Did You Know?

But Surveys are Just One Way of Connecting With Leads....

And, how do you convert leads to loyal clients...
or remind clients to give you repeat business?
That's where you'll find abundant value in LinkFusions' complete marketing suite!


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