LinkFusions automated text message marketing guarantees quicker connections.


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Key Differentiators

Lure customers back with text-in offers

Simply put up a poster outside your business, hand out a flyer or use a table tent inviting customers to text a number of your choice to avail a special offer.

As soon as they send the text message, they'll automatically get sent the exclusive offer and automatically get added to your marketing campaign so you can build your database and reach out to your list again and again with deals, contests, new product or service notifications, vouchers and coupons and keep them coming back for more!

Picture and Video Messaging

Go beyond text messaging - include pictures and video!

Listings with video receive 403% more inquiries. So, why just send plain text messages when you can add a picture or an interactive video?

With LinkFusions text, picture and video messaging you can stand out from your competition and sky-rocket your conversions!

Go Beyond Text

Text messaging is just the beginning...

LinkFusions enables you to use text messaging, picture and video messaging, email marketing, automated voice calling, surveys and more to connect with new leads and follow up with past and current clients.

So, why just stop at text...when you now have the power in your hands to reach out to more customers more quickly using multiple communication channels!


Top Features

  • LinkFusions Text Message Marketing makes it simple to communicate with your contacts via text messages.
  • With Linkfusions texting you can deliver instant information quickly and cost effectively - without customers having an internet connection!
  • Pick a system-assigned phone number and send text, picture and video messages with industry-leading reliability.
  • Protect your private phone number or redirect your number
  • Set appointment reminders and send discount codes
  • Send image messages of your newest products on offer
  • ...and much more!

Did You Know?

But Text Messaging is Just One Way of Connecting With Leads....

And, how do you convert leads to loyal clients...
or remind clients to give you repeat business?
That's where you'll find abundant value in LinkFusions' complete marketing suite!


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