Got amazing food but not enough customers?

It's time to rethink your restaurant marketing strategy.

With 60% of new restaurants failing within the first year, and nearly 80% shutting their doors before their 5th need a serious action plan.

See how LinkFusions has helped hundreds of restaurants to succeed.

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Introducing LinkFusions

LinkFusions is a multi-channel marketing platform that can help restaurant owners like you increase reservations, attract new customers, get repeat business and optimize your off-hours capacity.

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How can LinkFusions empower your restaurant to succeed?

By empowering restaurant owners like you with a multi-channel marketing strategy that works.

LinkFusions multi-channel marketing gives you the power of Text and Picture Messaging, Phone, Email and Surveys so you can instantly grab customer attention on the platform they're most comfortable using.

Attract new diners with exclusive offers

Simply put up posters outside your restaurant, hand out flyers or embed a web form on your website inviting people to email, call or text a number of your choice to avail a special offer.

As soon as they take action, they'll automatically get sent an exclusive offer and automatically get added to your marketing campaign so you can build your database and reach out to your list again and again with deals, contests, new menu notifications, vouchers and coupons and keep them coming back for more.

Become the talk of the town

Want to be completely booked out every day?

It may be easy to fill tables during weekday lunches, weekends or Friday nights, but what about the whopping 80% of the time when tables go empty?

Apart from delicious food and welcoming service, promoting your brand and getting people to remember you is key. Add your brand logo, website and social links to marketing campaigns and become instantly recognizable to your audience whenever you send out regular automated updates.

Transform casual walk-ins to loyal diners

Getting people to come in the first time is easy, but how do you get them to return again and again?

Follow-up is the key to any business success, and the same goes for restaurants.

Capture new diner data by asking them to opt-in to your campaign the first time they arrive by offering an exclusive deal such as 50% off on their birthday, a members only deal club, or an offer too good to refuse.

Tempt hungry customers with delicious deals

Although you can't send the enticing aromas and lip smacking flavor of your tasty food to diners, you can send them photos.

Sending your customers pictures of your food, like the "Current Special" of the day or a tempting 2-for-1 deal, especially when they're most likely to order is a great way to attract hungry diners.

LinkFusions enables you to schedule your texts at the time they'll have the most impact, and gives you the flexibility to send out a few or thousands of texts in just a matter of seconds to reach your customers instantly.

Assess diner interest with restaurant surveys

Surveys are one of the best ways to interact with your audience, and literally take a few minutes to set up and send out in LinkFusions.

By setting up a simple multiple choice survey you can poll diners about what their favorite dish is, to what they'd like to see in your seasonal menu. And since successful restaurants thrive off of diner feedback, this is also a great way to automate and replace manual customer feedback forms at the end of a meal.

Offering them a voucher for submitting their vote or opinion helps you collect insightful data for your next marketing campaign and gives them an incentive to return.

Here are some sample text messaging campaigns you can start to use right away!

Text Coupons


Setup a campaign to follow up with first time diners a few days after their visit. You can even include MMS to add an image to make your offer extra irresistible!




Get people to simply text a keyword to your number and they'll automatically be entered in the contest to win. Sweepstakes are a great way to convert contest participants into new customers.


Time-Sensitive Offers


Combine text messaging with limited time offers and you've got a winning combination to get immediate walk-ins and fill empty tables.


Mobile VIP Club


Ask diners to join your text VIP club to enjoy exclusive "members-only" privileges. Once they join, you can share offers, weekly specials, seasonal menu items and keep them coming back for more!


Run Surveys


Grow your list and interact with your audience with text to vote surveys. You can also offer customers a freebie or coupon as a thank you for casting their vote.


...and there’s more!

  • Keep adding new leads on auto-pilot to existing campaigns
  • Capture lead data through custom web forms or even when someone calls you or sends you an SMS
  • Already have a list? Upload all your current contacts via spreadsheet
  • Get repeat diners - consistently follow up and get in front of your customers
  • Share product news, set up follow up reminders, hold giveaways, send limited-time coupon codes & more
  • Shorten your sales cycle and impact your bottom line
  • Support for 10 different languages
  • and much more!

As a restaurant owner, you simply can't ignore the power of multi-channel marketing.

  • No matter how big or small your restaurant is, LinkFusions has plans to fit every budget.
  • Whether you're a marketing pro or just starting out our exceptional support team is ready to help you grow your diner base.
  • Once you create your first campaign for FREE you'll gain access to your own concierge for complimentary one-on-one support!

Ready to tap into multi-channel marketing to sky-rocket your restaurant business?

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