LinkFusion voice calling gives you your own number to automate calls and engage leads.


Text LINKME to 1-888-303-7166 to see how it works

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If you don't consider the above facts when marketing your business you may be leaving money on the table

Why LinkFusions Voice?

  • LinkFusion Voice takes simple phone calling to a whole new level
  • With Linkfusions calling you can choose one or more system-assigned numbers of your choice
  • Pick voice-to-text or record your own personal voice message to grab prospect attention
  • Protect your private phone number or redirect your number
  • Qualify leads and train your staff with call recording
  • Leads who call you automatically get added to your campaign
  • Follow up with leads who called you through voice, sms, mms and surveys
  • ...and more!

Voice Calling is a great way to reach out to leads, engage them and convert them to clients. LinkFusion Voice makes it fast & easy!


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